Blueberry Wine

Walter Israel, Sr.

Shoel Creek Wines

5 Gallons
12-13 pounds of berries
10-12 pounds sugar (SG1.090)
5 campden tablets
2.5 teaspoons yeast nutrient
1 yeast energiser
24 drops peptic enzyme
7 teaspoons acid blend
Pasteur Red Yeast

Crush berries and place in a bag in the ferminter. Boil and cool 4 gallons of water, disolve the sugar in one gallon of water as it is heated, then pour over the berries. Adjust the sugar, if needed,to meet the SG that you wish to start the must. Do not add any other ingredients until the must is at least 90 deg. or cooler. Add the pectic enzyme and campden tablets to the must. Place the must in the referigerator overnight.

Next day add the yeast nutrient, yeast energiser, acid blend. (the acid may need to be adjusted later because I have found that fruit wine will increase in acid content as it fermints.)

Make a starter of 1/2 pint water, 1 packet of Pasteur Red Yeast, 1 tablespoon yeast nutrient, and 2 tablespoons sugar. When the starter is working good, add to the must.

Ferment until the SG is reduced to SG1.020 or not more than 10 days in the ferminter. Rack to carboy and top up if needed, and add the air lock. ( I try to make just a little more than 5 gallons so that the carboy will be near the neck when racked.)

When the SG is reduced to SG1.000 or below rack again and add 1 campden tablet per gallon and stir every 15 minutes for at least three stirrings.(This will help remove the carbon dioxide.)

Rack every three months thereafter. After the 1st 3 month period add Claro-K and let it stay at least 14 days. (Claro-K will clear in 7 days but it will be even clearer in 14 days.)

Do not add more that 4 campden tablets per gallon during the entire fermintation.

When the wine is ready to bottle add 1 campden tablet per gallon, 1/2 teaspoon of Sorbate per gallon, and any sweetener. (If you use sugar to sweeten, make one part sugar to 1/2 part water bring almost to a boil and cool before adding to the wine.) (2 ounces of sugar water will raise the SG by .005)
When satisfied that the wine is stable then bottle.