CONCORD WINE: From Frozen Concentrate

Here`s your opportunity to make a gallon of wonderful, robust wine from ordinary frozen concentrate. While we are talking about using Concord Frozen Concentrate in this recipe, please realize that any frozen fruit concentrate you buy at the store can be used in this recipe.

The process is simple. And the resulting creation is quite remarkable.

To get started, follow the directions as closely as possible:


32 ozs. Concord Frozen Concentrate
12 cups Warm Water
1 cup Table Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Acid Blend
1/8 teaspoon Pectic Enzymes
1 teaspoon Yeast Nutrient
1 Campden Tablet, crushed
1 pkg. Wine Yeast

1. Mix and dissolve all the ingredients, EXCEPT FOR THE YEAST, in an open food grade bucket. Allow to sit for 24 hours while covered with a
2. After 24 hours, add the yeast and allow to ferment for 5 days while covered with a towel. Be sure the mixture is kept between 72 to 78 degrees F. for proper fermentation.
3. After 5 days, syphon wine into a closed container, leaving the sediment behind. Then fit the container with an air-lock. Fill the lock 1/2 full with water. Air lock allows gasses to escape without allowing air back in the wine. Allow wine to ferment for another 2-4 weeks or until clear. It is normal for the wine to ferment slower now.
4. Once the wine has cleared, syphon it into bottles for aging. Be sure not to disturb the sediment.
If you like your wine sweeter, you can sweeten it to taste at bottling time. But you must add a stabilizer such as Potassium Sorbate at this time or fermentation may occur again in the bottles.
While you can drink your wine at bottling time, please realize that the wines noticeably improve with age.