Homemade Port

This heavy bodied, sweet after dinner wine is often thought to be too difficult for the home wine maker to have much success. In fact, this is not the case, and only a few extra steps are needed to make your own delicious port.

From a 28 day wine kit (Use any red wine kit) and make according to instructions until Day 20.

On Day 20, add:
1 litre of red grape concentrate,
50 ml of liquid oak extract,
120 ml glycerine,
750 ml brandy and the
Kieselsol [these come with your wine kit]).
Wait approximately 1 week for the wine to clear before bottling.

Although your new port is drinkable now it will improve with some bottle aging.
Your port will benefit and improve with some oak and aging. You can use oak chips or oak extract as per their directions. In an ideal we would all have oak barrels to age our port in. The addition of glycerine will give the wine more body, much like true ports.